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We all can certainly say that the success of a product can be heavily determined by its design. A poorly designed website or application can drove people away for using them even though it serves great idea or purposes if it is unattractive and too complicated to use. Visual communication is important in digital product, as it must be simple, intuitive, and engaging at the same time.

We understand that designing good applications and websites can attract many challenges, including facilitating intricate tasks, enabling users to manage complex data, and accommodating a wide range of user needs. As if those were not enough, the way of app or web feels and looks must be captivating so that the user can use it comfortably.  In order to sufficiently accomplish all of that, you surely need a savvy UI/UX designers to help you out. Here at Cohodata, our UI & UX design agency can accommodate you to get the best UI and UX design for any of your projects.

What is UI and UX design?

–          Definition

Some people might be still unfamiliar with the term of UI and UX design, no worries here because we can help break it down for you so that you can have better understanding of what, where, and why it is used for. First of all, UI and UX are not the same things, although both are highly correlated. UI stands for “user interface” which is the space interactions happened between human and machines, while UX stands for “user experience” which is the overall experience when a person using product such as web or app, especially in terms of how easy the product can be used.

–          The differences

In an application, UI design consist of the way the buttons look, the text that user will read, the images, sliders, interface animations, screen layout, and all the rest of the items the user interacts with. The UI designers in our UI & UX design agency can help you to design how the application is going to look like, including selecting the best color schemes and button shapes, the width of lines and font used, etc. We will make sure that the application’s interface is not only attractive and visually-stimulating but also themed fittingly to match the personality of the app according to your objectives and requirements.

Whilst UI designers in charge to design how the user interface will be look like, the UX designers in our UI & UX design agency are tasked to determine how it operates and works, how it organized and how all parts correlate with each other appropriately. The user will have a good experience if the interface works well and feels seamless, and it is mandatory for our designers to have a thorough understanding of how users would like to interact with their applications.

–          How it work together

UI and UX design is a collaborative process, and two are work closely together to create ideal product that is not only visually attractive, but also easy and efficient to use. Great UI but poor UX will make finished product looks great but is difficult to use, while poor UI and great UX will make the product usable but looks terrible so it is unpleasant to use.

Why you should hire UI & UX Design Agency?

So, we know that to develop seamless product you need good UI and UX designers. But instead of employing the designers on your own, why you should hire us as UI & UX design agency to work for your needs? Here are several reasons why.

  • Broad knowledge and experience

We have all necessary skills needed to fulfill the entire design process as an UI & UX design agency. Our professionals always keep up with the trend in addition to having a multiple experience in various fields and industry. Regardless of in which industry your company operates, we believe that we can help you to get what you need.

  • Deliver results in timely manner

UI & UX design agency can help your company to get your product to finish relatively faster than hiring in-house designers. Being external workforce mean that we won’t be tied with your internal politics and organizational challenges, so that we can work earnestly on your project and focusing on the deadline. Rather than hiring employee on your own which may take weeks to just get them onboard, our process already developed and time-tested so that all things can work efficiently and adhere to the schedule immediately.

  • Unbiased feedback

Sometimes, additional insights on how to improve the design of your desired product might be just the perfect thing you need. We can provide you with fresh, innovative ideas and unbiased feedback to create a more successful product.

  • Cost effective

Developing and training an in-house UX team consist of all necessary experts to do UI and UX design can be considerably lead to a higher cost rather than working with external UI & UX design agency like us. By hiring us, you don’t have to pay for tedious process of choosing the best expert to hire, keep them well-trained and informed about your organization, or providing employee benefits. UI & UX design agency work according to the budget and give your company a top quality results that you deserved.

Our Services

–          UX Design

The process of our UX design is divided in several steps:

  1. Research

Analyzing the goals and the objectives of the product is one of the first thing to do in building UX design. In this step, UX research consist of defining the problem and solutions, developing profile of end users called personas, creating workflows, and do competitor benchmarking.

  1. Information Architecture, Wireframes, and Prototyping

Once research is done we proceed by building framework of the project and creating information architecture, which is a process of cataloging all the contents and arrange it into a sitemap. We create wireframe that show physical blueprints for screens that make up a digital product, and build clickable prototype so that it helps to visualize how users will experience the product.

  1. User Testing

This step is essential to make sure that the user can experience the product as designed. User testing can be done in on-site testing or remote user testing.

  1. Look and Feel Design

The visual element in the product should be user-centered and have desirable effect on the targeted user audience, while it is also stay true to your brand identity and presented with unique and recognizable appearance.

  1. Front-end code development
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Java Script
  2. Integration support

We can provide with assistance and technical support during back-end integration to help make sure that your product can work impeccably.

–          UI Design

The UI design consists of several parts, which is:

  • Visual Design
  • Colors
  • Graphic designs
  • Mockups
  • Typography

In Cohodata UI & UX design agency, this is how our UI design works:

  1. Research

The first step our UI designer do in develop UI design is investigating the business domain, user audience, and the use cases of the product. Research is important to help us understand target audience better so that we can create UI which focuses on the user needs.

  1. Brainstorming & Sketching

Once we have a clear image of the project’s concept in our mind, we do brainstorming and transfer our ideas into reality by sketching future interface components will be look like.

  1. Creating User Flow Diagram

The user flow diagram is created to determine how user interact with the interface. It helps to get better understanding on how the product works by displaying every possible interaction with UI, the road map of such interactions, and also the state of interface at each point. It serve as a base of the building in the UI development.

  1. Choosing Interface’s Style

The style for interface can be customized according to your product goals and objectives. You can tell us how you want your interface will look like and we will also make sure that the style chosen is fit perfectly with the targeted user’s preferences.

  1. Preview Form

Once all of the steps above completed we can show you how your product design will look like. You may opted to see the preview in various forms, such as wireframe, mockup, clickable prototype, and animated UI flow.

  1. Design Validation

Once you get the preview of the UI design, you can give us your comments and suggestions. We always listen to every feedback attentively so that we can adjust our finished product according to your expectations and goals.

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Choosing the right UI & UX design agency for your company may look like a daunting task to do, but here in Cohodata our top experts and designers are confident that we can help you in developing engaging and innovative product that not only can represent your brand and goal clearly, but also serving a good value and experience to its users.

If you need more information about UI and UX design or things that we do, don’t hesitate to connect with us and reach us through the contact information provided. We are always happy to answer all the questions and give you the best service that you deserved.


    3rd floor, 86 - 90 Paul St, Hackney, London EC2A 4NE, United Kingdom

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    +65 8100 4008