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About Us

In this digital era, there is absolutely no doubt that the world becomes heavily dependent on technology both at the personal and professional level. A big part of our daily lives including business activities across the globe are lies within the digital realm nowadays. As such, utilization of Information Technology (IT) and Software Development are becoming a vital and essential part in creating a strategic business plan for every type of companies, whether it is a multi-national corporation company or a small one-person agency.


Technology can improve and touch all aspect of a business, from sales data management to customer relationship management. Therefore, having the latest technology and the best software tool for the ease of running and improving business growth has become one of the main focus for many industries. Especially in this highly competitive market in Asia, various companies are looking for excellent IT solutions which are not only custom-built but also cost effective and deliver the desired and reliable results.


Here at Seenive, we understand the significant role of choosing the right IT and software for your business success. Our company can assist you to achieve your business objectives by delivering state-of-the-art professional IT and software services as well as consultation which can be tailored according to your needs and budgets.



Company Profile


Seenive is a software development company offering the latest and most innovative IT solutions to enterprises across Asia. By uniting our deep expertise in technology and an understanding of current market trends, Seenive provides a wide range of software development solutions from POS System to ERP System, web design to development and implementation, and many other tools for all type of your business needs.


Our team consist of savvy tech developers, creative and innovative project managers, completed with top-notch technology and software tools. We always strive to create unique, customized efficient IT solutions which can meet your specific demands and fits perfectly into your business system. Our work always dedicated to bring the real value to enable continuous improvements for your company and business.


We always accept every challenge, no matter how big or small it is, and handle it with ultimate care and devotion. Our services open to all kind of companies and organizations in Asia, whether it is big corporation or small agency, from private or government sector, for profit or non-profit purposes. Our motto is to take every requests and deliver the best output to bring the utmost satisfaction from the clients.





Our mission statement is reflecting the purpose of our existence, defining our goals and paths to attain those aims.


Seenive main mission is to enhance and improve business operation of our clients by providing and implementing tailor made premium software development products and services. Our missions includes:



  1. Providing top-notch IT and software solution services, professional consulting, and development services which can highly improve our client’s business or company performance and operations.
  2. Providing our customer with optimal solutions along with quality services at a reasonable prices.
  3. Giving our customer the most enjoyable experience in working with us while deliver a reliable and accountable results. We always make sure to give equal priority to all of our clients regardless of the company size, type, and project budget.
  4. Adopting latest technologies and best industry practices to enhance our products and services offered to the clients.





Our vision statement emphasizes our attention and goals for the future of our company, it is depicted what we want to be and achieved in the industry.


Seenive vision is to develop in constant and positive manner and grow as a key player in software provider industry to become a leading company in providing excellent web and software development solutions in Asia. We aspire to emerge as the winner in the marketplace by carefully listening to and understanding what our customers need and want while working with our valued partners in delivering ingenious solutions that give real business value.


We realize in order to turn this vision in reality, we need to walk side-by-side with our clients and giving them the best customer satisfaction they deserved.



Our Values


In doing our job, we always remember to stick to our core values that highlight our standards of work and commitment to bring the best for our customers. These values guides our daily decision-making process within the company.


Customer Centricity: The customer success is our ultimate goal. We are always put our customer first in every condition backed with good communication system and service.


Passion: In every work we do, we do it with passion. We care about every aspects of the request including the quality of our work and the outcomes for our clients. We love to motivate each other and celebrate our company and client’s success.


Teamwork: We love working with each other. Having a team with different background and expertise can also help to define the best solutions that suitable the most for our clients.


Respect: We are treating our customers, partners, colleagues, and stakeholders fairly and with great respect.


Relevance: Our company is committed to bring the real excellent outcomes, not just plain ideas. We assist our customers in getting the results which may exceed their expectations.


Learning: We understand that learning is a lifelong process. We always open our mind and appreciate guidance and feedback that come from others, while also being self-updated with the latest technology and innovations. We proactively improve our skill and take the action from what we have learned.


Transparency: We don’t do sugar coating but being honest in voicing our mind to improve the performance and give a reliable and realistic results for our clients. We always make sure to be fair and transparent in all of our customer transactions.


Accountability: We are responsible in what we do, and take accountability for any results of our work that we produced both as an individual and a company. In doing our job of creating the best solutions for your business, we always consider the profitability for our clients.



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    +888 (0) 202 0000 00159486 +888 (0) 202 0000 00159486