Some old games cannot be replaced by new and modern games as they have their own aura. If you are hunting for old schools games especially for GBA (GameBoy Advance) then this article will help you. You don’t need to browse through different sites to pick GBA games as the article will list 40 best GBA games of all time for you. These belong to major categories.

Some of the Best GBA Games

#1. Final Fight One

This is a game loaded with lots of action where Cody along with his gang hit the city streets once again to clean the streets. It is one of the typical arcade game that features the same game play but with enhanced graphics. The action is powerful and you need to battle your way in metro city through the streets and beat the bosses there and save the damsel in pain that is Jessica. You have 3 powerful fighters to support you during your fight. Break the bones using powerful weapon or simply do it with bare hands.

#2. Metal Slug Advance

It is one of the best shoot’em up game from SNK Playmore and it has made to the list of best GBA games. It is the best action game titled Metal Slug for GBA. You have to play as heroes and shoot through your way into the opponent’s territory either on foot or in vehicles. You get an array of vehicles and powerful weapons to select from and the game play is completely exciting because of its fast pace. If you are a beginner to this title then this is the right option to start playing and speed up in the game.

#3. The Legend of Zelda- – A link to the past

It is the title that presented the game series differently and carried it to a new level that you find today. The game was highly appreciated by the gamers and the publishers and hence it could make it to best GBA games today. You will find the game play to be the same as earlier, but with improved catchy storyline and impressive background music. Your aim in the game is to release the Hyrule and princess Zelda’s world from the grip of Evil Ganon. Thrash your way using the sword or start shooting arrows to kill your enemy to accomplish your task in this action packed game.

#4. Mega Man Zero 2

This is one of the best GBA games slide scrolling game that is packed with lots of action and gives a tough competition to other actions games of Nintendo. The side scrolling perfect action adds more to the game. The game is all about the Zero’s adventure who is involved in fighting the Neo Arcadia’s evil forces. Zero possess powers that are completely different as compared to the powers of Mega Man, still you will enjoy the slashing and dashing through groups of enemies that you encounter at different levels.

#5. Metroid: Zero Mission

Again one more action based Metroid game for you. The game is plotted on a different planet and here Samus fights with groups of pirates in the space plus different space tyranny. You will also find certain levels in the game where Samus is not equipped with her armor suit and here there are chances that she might have to face damage. You can get weapons and power-ups to fight the evil forces in space. Samus here is supposed to demolish mothership to ruin the troops of pirates in space.

#6. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

One of the most entertaining and engaging Zelda game that you can add to the list of best GBA games and enjoying playing. With a perfect game play you will find the storyline to be interesting.  The plotline is really fascinating with loads of action. Here the game is about solving puzzles and destroy a number of enemies in Hyrule’s kingdom. Your task is to save the kingdom against evil forces that support the cute and small minish cap which is part of your head. The little and cute minish cap will help your during the adventure so that you in turn help the cap to destroy the evil forces and get the kingdom back.

#7. Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

It was one of most difficult games in olden days and hence it become one of the popular games too as every gamer wanted to try out this game and succeed in the game to prove their skills. The game was really hard and there was no way to progress in the game. In case you die in between, you have to restart the game. You are in trap of demon hunter and you need to kill every demon that exists on the earth.

#8. Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith

This is an adventurous and action packed game that is based on the plotline of the movie. You have to manage Anakin Skywalker along with other people on both sides and battle out your path through a number of combats. You can take legal action against lightsabers, physical attacks or force powers to destroy your enemies. You have to ruin the dark side to save the planet and this is what the entire mission is about. Remember, you will face many mysteries in this power packed action thriller.

#9. Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX

This game features your soldier and mecha robots.  They fight against each other. You simply need to shoot almost everything that comes your way to save your world from getting conquered by evil and alien robots. Keep shooting that’s what you need to do. Don’t miss on shooting.

#10. Grand Theft Auto (GBA)

This is one of the different and best GBA games that allow you to be in the character of a bad guy and carry out criminal activities. You can experience fun and thrill and find it different from other games.

#11. Metroid Fusion

One of the popular games from Nintendo which is basically a shooter game with lots of action. You just need to manage Samus who is on her mission to search aliens. The game is very simple and here you need to destroy every alien that is causing harm to our planet and trying to conquer. You get plenty of weapons and armor suit to battle evil forces that you encounter in your way. In order to level up in the game, you can solve puzzles and reach higher levels. The game might be easy in the beginning, but gets tough as you cross each level.

#12. Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace

In this game Mysterio along with his gang is the problem creator and it is the responsibility of the Spider Man to end the problems. You will love the action in the game where you are supposed to gather power-ups to add to the ability and strength of the Spider Man and in order to make your Spider Man more powerful, you can fetch various suits for him. The last suit will help him recover and after some time he will be immune to damages.

#13. Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Emerald helps you enjoy the combination of amazing experience of both Pokemon Saphire and Pokemon Ruby in one game which sails you through an amazing journey. You need to train your Pokemon to make him champion.

#14. Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

The game is based on the Goku Adventure right from when the game starts. The game includes various missions that need to be completed to level up in the game.

#15. Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green

The game is a remake of original version of Pokemon Red/Blue with a different storyline in this version.

#16. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire

This is a polished version of Pokemon Emerald. The missions, battles and objectives are same in both versions.

#17. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

This game helps you get in action of a farmer. You are given a huge farm where you need to harvest every season. You have to complete different tasks in the farm.

#18. Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls

The game offers amazing fighting styles and puzzles that keep you engaged for a long time.

#19. Beyblade: G-Revolution

If you love those spinning tops named as Beyblades, the game will help you feel playing the real game at home. The game has stunning graphics and the combats are super exciting. You can control the moves of your Beyblades.

#20. Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

The game is a blend of adventure and action. The main goal in the game is to rescue the princess, but the style of combat is entirely different.

#21. Fifa 07

The game is based on FIFA game wherein there are different teams to play with top players.

#22. Dr.Mario

It is a puzzle game wherein Mario is trying to kill different viruses and bacteria with the help of pills.

#23. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

It is puzzle style game that actually belongs to a fighting franchise.

#24. Super Puzzle Bobble Advance

This is an amazing puzzle game for all ages. The fast paced game adds more fun to the game.

#25. Fire Emblem

It is a RPG game that is based on combats and the game has interesting storyline that keeps you in the game for a long time.

#26. F1 2002

The game has stunning visuals plus fantastic sounds and has a racing action that will hold you in the game for long hours.

#27. Madden NFL 07

It is also a sports game like FIFA with fast action and different teams participating with top players in the game.

#28. Super Black Bass Advance

If you love fishing the game is for you. It is calm and slow game for those who are interested in some serious fishing.

#29. Mario Golf Advance Tour

It is one of the interesting experiences for golf lovers. The game takes you through the game in the golf course and it is fun to play the game with interesting features around.

#30. Mario Kart: Super Circuit

The game belongs to racing genre. If you love racing the racing tracks is here to add more fun to the entire game.

#31. Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2

The game is purely based on bicycle stunts and is really exciting.

#32. Sk8 -Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

If you love stunts, here you will get the most dangerous stunts in skating. The skating game is quite interesting and breathtaking.

#33. Mario Power Tennis

The game offers the perfect tennis plot with best action which never gets dull anytime during the game.

#34. Super Mario Bros.

The game is an absolutely a crazy game with simple run and jump.

#35. Sonic Advance

The game has many features to unleash and it is indeed interesting game with four different characters.

#36. Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2

The game has 10 levels to offer and each level is quite complicated wherein you need to navigate and then jump over.

#37. Super Donkey Kong

It is an extension to the Donkey Kong game. You need to get through the obstacles created by Donkey Kong and also solve puzzles to progress in the game.

#38. Astro Boy

The Astro boy can fly and is powerful. It is a side-scrolling game where you need to control the robotic boy- Astro boy.

#39. Disney’s Aladdin

The storyline depicts about Aladdin and it is an amazing game play with superb graphics. Aladdin tries to protect his city with the help of his buddy monkey and the genie. You need to help Aladdin to destroy the enemies wisely.

#40. Scrabble

It is a word making very interesting game which was one of the loved board games. It is a smart and intelligent game that you need to play using letters you own. The better words you create the better the score would be.

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